Abode Chartered Surveyors
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Planning Application Services

Planning permission is a complex area. It is important that any planning permission application is managed professionally to maximise the chance of success.

The basic rule is that planning permission is required from the relevant local planning authority for any operational development or material change of use of land.

We are Planning Consultants and Chartered Surveyors specialising in the field of planning permission

We offer:

  • Planning permission representations on development plans
  • Planning permission applications and appeals
  • Advice on option agreements with developers
  • Retained benefit contracts on development land
  • Sale and acquisition of development sites for owners and developers
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Building Design – Floor and Site Plans

Loft Conversion Plans

Many people with growing families prefer to expand their living space by converting the loft area to create more bedrooms rather than move to a larger property. If you like your home, location and neighbours; this makes perfect sense and can often prove more cost effective than covering removal costs, solicitors fees, estate agents fees and other incidental cost associated with moving.

Flat Loft Conversion Plans

If you own the upstairs flat and have a sufficiently large pitched roof then you can dramatically increase your living space by converting the loft space and changing the layout of your existing apartment to get better views or a more efficient room arrangement

We provide building plans for extensions, loft conversions & new build properties and help liaise with Planning Departments throughout the North East.


Party Wall Act

If your are planning works to your property, you may be surprised to learn that your proposals may fall within the remit of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and that you may need to serve notice to your adjoining neighbours to notify your neighbours. Failure to follow the procedures can result in a lot of distress and costs and could delay your scheme.

Abode Charted Surveyors can provide your party wall advice. We work within the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. This Act puts in place steps to safeguard the rights of those undertaking certain types of building work and the rights of their adjoining neighbours. The Party Wall Act works to protect the owner undertaking the works, through the party wall surveyors, by ensuring that the work is lawful, whilst also protecting their neighbour’s rights in the event of damage occurring.

The Party Wall Act in its present form is relatively recent, and we have considerable experience at handling all issues under the Party Wall Act. The basis of the Party Wall Act continues to define and affirm the rights of a person (referred to as the ‘building owner’) wishing to cut into a party wall or to excavate for new foundations within three metres of an adjoining structure. The neighbour(s) that either share ownership of the party wall or are within three metres of the new excavations are referred to as the ‘adjoining owner(s)’. Both parties may appoint a party wall surveyor if the building work is subject to the Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Surveyors

Any building owner wishing to undertake works subject to the Party Wall Act must follow the correct procedure as laid down by the Party Wall Act. The process is not as complicated as it may seem at first and can have substantial practical benefits for both parties. We can act as the party wall surveyors for either or both parties and offer a cost-effective and fast method of protecting all parties whilst complying fully with the Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Agreements

For certain types of construction and alteration you will need permission from your immediate neighbours and we can help provide a suitable agreement to be signed by your neighbours so that planning approval and building work can proceed.