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Don’t purchase your next property with your eyes closed.

Even though your next property purchase may not be the largest financial decision that you will ever make, it will most certainly be a significant one. The majority of buyers in the UK still purchase with their ‘eyes closed’ and do not benefit from a detailed survey inspection that is appropriate to the building in question. Provided with a market valuation our reports are not only used to ensure that a detailed budget can be prepared but also as a highly effective negotiating tool to ensure that you pay a fair price for your next property aware of the potential pitfalls.

A Building Survey is essential when purchasing period buildings, those with unusual characteristics, construction or which have been extended, converted or altered. RICS guidance recommends this type of survey on properties which have been built pre-1920. We are increasingly finding that clients require Building Surveys on properties built between 1930 and 1970 also, as it is difficult to tell how well-maintained or extended it has been. This is a non-intrusive survey, and provides a detailed inspection of the building, guidance on maintenance and remedial works, and often a detailed comment on individual defects, and how to rectify those defects. Where possible, we can recommend reliable trades people or specialists to provide free estimates or quotes for the work if required.

Revised in 2009 with the introduction of useful condition ratings, the RICS HomeBuyer Report now has a fresh, crisp modern appearance designed to be easy on the eye and simple to read and understand. The form is written in plain English and is broken down into clearly set out sections.

The HomeBuyers Report provides information on the general condition of the property, the value of the property, and significant factors likely to affect the value of the property. An integral part of the Home Buyer Report is a Valuation. This is essential in establishing the correct market value for a property. We are Chartered Valuation Surveyors, and we undertake a wide variety of valuations for many different purposes. All valuations are prepared in accordance with RICS regulations.

We have entered into the RICS Registered Valuer Scheme, which means we are the “best regulated, qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Valuation”. An essential part of the Homebuyers Report is an independent Valuation – and not all Surveyors are Chartered Valuation Surveyors, so you should also verify this information before choosing your Surveyor.

The benefits of an independent professional valuation mean that you will have the confidence in your negotiations that you are paying a sensible price, based on the opinion of a professional. We have successfully been able to assist many clients in reducing the final purchase price, based on our Valuation expertise.

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