Why Choose Us?

There are many and varied surveyors in the North East of England – what is it that makes Abode Chartered Surveyors stand out from the crowd?

The personal touch

The world of property investment and purchasing can be highly competitive. Filled with deadlines, complex jargon and pressure from Vendors and Agents, it can be distinctly difficult to navigate a property purchase without assistance. We think it’s important to take due care and consideration when deciding on your next home purchase, and to trust in the process which will effectively help you to make the right decisions. At Abode Chartered Surveyors, we always endeavour to inject a little humanity into buying a property. We treat every client like the individual they are, preparing tailored reports and offering advice specific to their own circumstances.

We get to know each of our clients on a personal level, so that we can better assist them in finding the property that suits their lifestyle. It’s this personal approach that sets us apart from the crowd.

Putting it simply

Let’s face it, most of us don’t move house that often, and the behaviours of people involved and process itself can be confusing. It’s important to remember that we act for our clients and no-one else, and in a purchase scenario the Estate Agent is acting for the Vendor alone. Our team at Abode Chartered Surveyors are committed to ensuring that not a single step of the property purchase process goes over our clients’ heads. We’ll explain every detail in the simplest terms – so clients never feel left out of the most important purchase decision of their life.

The extra mile

Our experienced surveyors will always go the extra mile for our clients. Whether it’s lifting drainage hatches to ensure a thorough and comprehensive building report, or whether it’s sniffing out (quite literally!) any indication of dry rot in a property, our team are always prepared to offer that little bit extra to ensure our clients have an easy ride when buying a property.


We’ve been in the industry for more than twenty years – that’s decades of examining houses, compiling in-depth reports and dealing with extraordinary circumstances. We can handle anything thrown at us – it’s probably nothing we’ve not seen before! Clients are in safe and experienced hands when they choose Abode Chartered Surveyors.

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